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Complete GRP Accreditation Package - 3 Courses, Resource Manuals, 1 GRP Exam Attempt, and 1 Year of GRHC Individual Membership

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The Green Roof Professional (GRP) Training & Accreditation program was created in an effort to bridge the knowledge gap in industry training and best practice. Before this, no traditional discipline or training contained all of the competencies necessary for green roof success- from building science, horticulture, irrigation, waterproofing, plant physiology, structural engineering and beyond. Since then, over 750 individuals have successfully completed the GRP Accreditation Exam and earned the GRP designation.

This Complete GRP Training & Accreditation Package Includes:

  • Access to all three GRP Training courses
    • Green Roof Design & Installation
    • Green Roof Waterproofing & Drainage
    • Green Roof Plants & Growing Media
  • Resource manuals for all three courses, in either digital or hard-copy format
  • One attempt at the Online GRP Accreditation Exam
  • One year GRHC Membership, necessary for accreditation
  • Certificates of course completion, upon request

This collection of courses allows trainees to access tools and techniques needed to meet green roof project objectives on schedule, to specification, and within budget, the latest industry developments, technical standards and research findings. This training program has supported the remarkable growth of the green roof industry in North America over the past ten years by serving as a comprehensive reference for individuals who design, install and maintain green roofs.

Green Roof Professional Training Learning Objectives

  • The full range of system types and components available to designers
  • Essential qualifications for project teams
  • How to integrate green roofs with other building systems for maximum client benefit
  • Implementation issues for new and retrofit buildings (including staging, scheduling, conveyance methods, and coordination of trades)
  • Contracts and construction administration
  • Quality assurance, warranties, and liability issues

Green Roof Professional Training Series Overview

Module 1 | Introduction To Green Roofs And Living Architecture

  • Introduction to GRHC and this course
  • History and Categories of Green Roofs
  • The Critical Path, Standards and Valuation of Benefits
  • Private and Public Benefits
  • The Monetary Value of the Soft Benefits of Green Roofs
  • Team Selection and Site Analysis
  • Review | Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 | Overview Of Systems, Approaches And Components

  • Green Roof Components and System Design
  • Waterproofing Assemblies
  • Drainage Systems
  • Irrigation, Growing Media & Vegetation
  • Components for End Use & Aesthetics
  • Review | Module 2 Quiz

Module 3 | Design And Installation

  • Budget Development
  • Design
  • Construction Contracting
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Close Out
  • Review | Module 3 Quiz

Module 4 | Waterproofing Design Principles

  • Waterproofing Design Considerations
  • Waterproofing Assemblies
  • Roof Deck and Membrane Considerations
  • Flashing, Details & Retrofits
  • Special Considerations - Sloped Roofs and Water Features
  • Review | Module 4 Quiz

Module 5 | Waterproofing Material And Component Profiles + Drainage Design Principles

  • Waterproofing Material Component Profiles
  • Waterproofing System Component Profiles
  • Drainage Design Principles
  • Review | Module 5 Quiz

Module 6 | Waterproofing And Drainage Implementation

  • Waterproofing and Drainage Implementation
  • Installation of Components and Leak Detection
  • Roofing Maintenance
  • Review | Module 6 Quiz

Module 7 | The Living Components Of Green Roof

  • Plant Physiology - Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Plant Categories
  • Biological, Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Growing Media
  • Components of Growing Media
  • Review | Module 7 Quiz

Module 8 | Vegetation And Growing Media Design

  • Plants and Growing Media Design Intent
  • Plants and Growing Media Design - Part 1
  • Plants and Growing Media Design - Part 2
  • Review | Module 8 Quiz

Module 9 | Vegetation And Growing Media Installation

  • Installation of Irrigation Systems and Growing Media
  • Installation of Vegetation - Part 1
  • Installation of Vegetation - Part 2
  • Maintenance
  • Review | Module 9 Quiz

Module 10 | Schedule a Time to Take the Online GRP Accreditation Exam

Continuing Education Credits

Each course is approved for 7.5 AIA, ASLA, and GRP Continuing Education Credits.

"Being a GRP has offered our company an added level of professionalism when dealing with building owners, contractors and architects. The multi-discipline approach to the training has given us a great base for project oversight and filled in gaps in our vegetative roof knowledge."

- Roger L. Bertolini, Limited Systems, LLC

"The GRP accreditation program stands out as one of the most comprehensive and intelligently designed sustainability training courses I have taken. GRP accreditation gives my organization the knowledge and credibility to guide our clients through the benefits and proper implementation of a successful green roof."

- Stefan Hansmire, Ncompass Construction, LLC

Your Instructor

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) - North America Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(6) professional industry association working to grow the green roof and wall industry throughout North America since 1999.

Courses Included with Purchase

Green Roof Design & Installation
Best Practice in Green Roof Design and Installation
Steven Peck, GRP
Green Roof Waterproofing & Drainage
Best Practice in Waterproofing & Drainage Design
William Foley, CSI, CCPR, GRP, LEED GA
Green Roof Plants & Growing Media
Best Practice in Plants & Growing Media Design
Patrick Carey, GRP

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